Cycling Hill Climbs-New England and New York

Welcome to North East Cycling Climb Central. Here you will find detailed information about road cycling hill climbs located throughout the New England states and northeastern New York State. Most of these climbs offer paved surfaces, and gravel sections on a few of the climbs usually do not pose problems for road bikes.

Profiles of the climbs are given, as well as detailed descriptions of surface quality, climbing/descending difficulty, and other bits of info, such as views, race records, etc. All types of climbs are represented here, including mountain summit, gap/notch/pass, long and gradual, short and steep, big and small vertical gain climbs.

I continue to add content to this site. Many NE hillclimbers have sent suggestions for additional content, and many of these suggestions have been recently added to the site. If you have a favorite climb you would like to see added or other comments, please send me an email through the contact link above.

So why are hillclimbers so passionate about climbing? When I first began cycling, I suffered unspeakable pain climbing the modest hills of west Michigan. But I kept going back. My first exposure to climbing was on the main slope of the Cannonsburg ski area.

It had a narrow ribbon of smooth singletrack that ran straight as an arrow to the peak. I couldn’t make it halfway without stopping, and this was only a 250-foot rise at maybe 10 or 12 percent grade.

I still can remember the first time I made it to the top without stopping. There was something mystical in that experience, a great sense of accomplishment.

Today I seek out climbs of several thousand feet, and it’s not always about how fast I can get to the top either. You don’t need to be a super cyclist to enjoy a good climb, although I believe is in good shape can enhance the experience.

And you don’t have to be young to climb, there are 80-year-olds still climbing Mt Washington, one of the toughest climbs in North America. So what is it about a good climb? I don’t know, and I hope it remains a mystery.

Hillclimb Races – This page is dedicated to Hillclimb races in New England plus New York. All of the climbs are compared on a single chart so prospective climbers can pick what they are next ready for. Hillclimb records and a few photos are also included.

Hillclimber’s Handbook – Here is a simple guide for those considering their first Hillclimb and those striving to improve their finishing times. It also provides a philosophical perspective on hillclimbing in the northeastern part of the country, contains many tips and offers advice from lessons learned over the last several years.

Mountain Climbs Greater Than 1000 Feet – This page gives profiles of big mountain climbs grouped by the regions of the northeast. These climbs are generally out-and-back summit climbs and tend to be steep. Go here to see Washington, Whiteface, Ascutney, Greylock, and many others.