North Dakota Bike Trails

Summer is almost here and it’s time to hit the trails, wouldn’t you agree? If you want to check some other great regions in the U.S., consider North Dakota.

The state is a fine destination in summer, but also in winter, North Dakota is a great place for skiing and enjoying the great outdoors!

North Dakota bike trails cut through the Midwestern region of the United States. From the northern portion of the Badlands to the Missouri River, the state consists of hilly great plains.

The state also has man-made lakes, trees (usually in central North Dakota), and wetlands. Browse through the trails below to find more information about bike trails in North Dakota. And of course, enjoy your ride.

You should also be aware of the bicycle shops and bike dealers where you travel just in case you need to pick up some new gear. For a list of North Dakota bike shops and dealers, please visit the North Dakota Bike Shops page on US Bike Trails.

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Mountain Climbs Gaining 1000ft or More

New Hampshire and Maine Mountain Climbs


Mount Washington, Gorham, NH

Mt. Washington is the biggest climb in the Northeast. The auto road is mostly paved and rises more than 4720 feet in over 7.5 miles, almost a 12 percent average grade. There is also a 22 percent grade section when you near the top!

The climb is truly rising in a monotonical way, with hardly any flat or downhill parts on the way up to catch your breath. There are some extended sections that have well-groomed gravel surfaces that were no problem for my 23-mm tires.

Only two times each year (four times if you include practice rides), bikes are allowed on this private auto road, and that’s only for the Newton Revenge Race (in July) and for the Mt Washington Bicycle Hill Climb (in August). You need to take the provided auto transportation downhill. At the top, the weather can get downright nasty, even in mid-summer.

I remember that one year, it was in the mid-60s at the base, and 38 and extremely windy when we neared the top, and it even snowed at night! There also were years that the race was entirely canceled which also happened to the Six Gaps Hill Climb in Vermont several times.

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