Onsego Review- How I Help Cyclists Earn A GED

Cycling is also a very popular sports activity among high school students. So popular even that some very active cyclists don’t pay enough attention to their study objectives and fail graduation.

In those cases, they can either attend a high school completion course or earn their GED credentials. To complete the GED® exam (available at test centers and online), following an online course is probably the best and fastest solution.

So to help those cyclists who didn’t complete high school, we examed some online GED prep courses, and in this post, we’ll look at what we found to be the best and most affordable solution.

It doesn’t matter whether you quit school over a decade ago or just recently; obtaining your GED high school equivalency credential will allow you to enroll in college coursework and work toward a more rewarding career.

Holding a high school or equivalent degree will also qualify you for job advancement and improve your earning potential. High school or GED diploma holders make, on average, at least $9.500 more annually than people who do not hold the credential.

So to help those fanatic cyclists that never completed high school, we reviewed some online courses, and the result is that the prep course designed by Onsego came out first.

We recommend the Onsego GED preparatory course because of its flexibility and affordability. In earlier days, Onsego was named Covcel, but during the pandemic, there came a lot of confusion due to the similarity with Covid, and they decided to change the name to Onsego. That makes sense, right?

You can purchase one of the four GED testing subject areas as a stand-alone course or the full GED subject matter in one course.

Bite-sized Video Lessons

Each GED subject is covered through content modules, and each module consists of many lessons that cover one GED topic at a time through small bite-sized lessons.

Onsego offers more than 480 video lessons and over 100 extensive practice tests that address the covered study material in a module.

Each lesson is followed by a short quiz so you can check whether you’ve understood what that lesson was all about, and there’s also a progress tracking system so you can see where your efforts are leading.

The Onsego course includes more than 900 of these small quizzes, so it’s safe to say that Onsego offers the best course variety out of the online GED prep courses that we reviewed.

Additionally, the course is recognized by the GED Testing Service, the developer and publisher of the GED exam, as being fully aligned with the current GED exam, so you be sure you’ll be learning exactly what’s required for success on the actual GED exam.

In fact, when partaking in the Mt. Washington in Gorham, NH, some years back, I talked to a young cyclist who was so engaged in conquering all mountains in the Northeast that he failed his high school curriculum. Well, for this type of student, the GED could be a good alternative solution with the right prep course.


Onsego offers two package options. You can buy one of the four GED subjects at $29 or purchase the Advantage option (the full course and more) at $79.

So you have the option to buy just one of the four GED subjects at a time. The four courses cover the four GED testing fields of Math, Language, Social Studies, and Science. You have the option to take these four sub-exams one at a time as well.

With all package choices, you’ll get six months of unlimited course access, and there’s no prescribed study plan: you can access any lesson and any practice test in any order and whenever you want. That’s a real plus!

With the Advantage package, you’ll also get some unique bonuses. Onsego offers a “Quitting-Protection” course to ensure you won’t quit prematurely, and there’s also a motivational program to help you make it through the entire course.

Free GED Ready Vouchers

The Advantage package also includes four GED Ready® vouchers (a $28 value). The GED Ready practice test is the official GED test that predicts if you’re likely to pass that part of the GED exam or if you require more preparation.

Onsego’s online GED prep course is self-paced, so as soon as you buy it, you can start learning.  As said earlier, there’s no required order to learn, and you can access each and every lesson and all practice tests in any order you prefer.

And after six months, if you need more time to get ready for the GED exam, you can extend the course at a discount. Onsego’s course includes many videos, but they are rather short, so you won’t get overwhelmed, and they don’t come with any fluff, so you can stay focused and maintain momentum.

So you can be sure that if your cycling activities got you carried away a bit too much and that you failed your high school completion, you still have the opportunity to earn your HSE (High School Equivalency) diploma, which is nationally accepted in the same way as a conventional high school degree.

So you can purchase the entire Onsego GED prep course (all four GED subjects) for $79. Otherwise, just buy each GED prep course separately for $29 each.

GED Calculator Course

Course access is 100 percent online and includes numerous video lessons and countless practice questions and quizzes. If you buy the Advantage plan, you’ll also get several unique bonuses.

I already mentioned the four GED Ready vouchers, but there’s more. The Advantage Plan additionally includes a unique GED Calculator course that allows even students that don’t understand Math at all to attain passing scores on the GED Math portion.

This course teaches you to use the only allowed calculator on the GED exam (the Texas Instruments 30-XS) so effectively that you’ll be able to answer practically all GED Math problems. Amazing!

Then there’s also an interesting quitting protection course and a motivational course that will boost your self-esteem and give you self-confidence so you’ll pass the GED exam with flying colors!

As is the case with cycling, good training and getting optimally prepared is your key to success! You don’t set out to climb hills and mountains on your bike without any decent preparation, and attaining passing scores on the four GED tests required decent preparation as well!


The GED Testing Service recognizes Onsego’s GED preparatory course as being entirely in line with the latest version of the GED exam. That’s one more guarantee that if you buy this course, you won’t be wasting your money or time.

Last but not least, Onsego offers you a 7-day money-back guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you decide the course is not for you within that period, they will give you your money back, no questions asked!

So we think that Onsego offers the best available online GED course. It is self-paced, you can decide for yourself what topics you want to learn, there are unique bonuses, the video lessons are short and entertaining, and there are numerous practice tests.