Mount Agamenticus TT, Maine

Agamenticus TT, ME – The Mount Agamenticus (Mt. Agi) is a mixed-bag TT with lots of character. Starts just outside of the South Berwick town center near the intersection of Agamenticus and Willow roads. The first few miles of the course are fairly flat, where Agamenticus Road is taken to Emery’s Bridge Road.

However, once you turn right on Belle Marsh Road, the climbing begins, but not steeply. A left is taken on Mountain Road, which climbs a little further before a brief descent occurs. Beware, the descent starts paved and good speed is built up, but before you reach the bottom, the road turns to gravel. The gravel can be loose washboard bumps with large stones, and it is not straight.

One time when I came down this, the washboard nearly rhythmically bounced me right off the road at 30+ mph. Then the steep climbing begins, still on dirt. Depending on the time of year, recent rain or lack thereof, and maintenance, you may have to hunt for a good line to not lose traction with skinny 23mm tires.

About 200ft of the 500+ foot steep climb is gained on gravel. Upon reaching the pavement, a left is taken on Mount Agamenticus Road to the summit. Some portions of this hit 14% grade. There are a few steep, sharp switchbacks too. This is a great TT to test your all-around skills when you’re properly trained. There’s no one clear advantage, say as in a purely flat TT or pure hill climb. Those with off-road experience will definitely feel more at ease on the potentially loose as marbles gravel.